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The symposium is designed to stimulate discussion on various responses to the problems faced by undergraduate mathematics instructors working with students who may vary widely in terms of their backgrounds, their level of mathematical preparation, their expectations of, and need for, mathematics courses. 

The Symposium discussions will focus on the themes of : 

  • catering for various learning styles
  • innovative teaching practices
  • developing dynamic curricula
  • flexible delivery 
  • special services
  • bridging courses

    D'99 is sponsored by: 

    Distributors of 
    Scientific WorkPlace, ScientificWord,  
    and Scientific Notebook
    Central Queensland

    The Mathematics Learning Centre
    The School of Mathematical and Decision Sciences
    Department of Mathematics & Computing
    [University of Southern Queensland]
    School of Mathematical

    [Queensland University of Technology]
    School of Information

    [Bond University]