Submissions - Call for Papers

There will be three types of presentations possible at the conference: A written paper presentation, an oral presentation only and a poster presentation. For the first a full paper should be submitted using the iJMEST paper template, for the second only an abstract is required, and for the third a poster is needed.

Please note that each participant will be allowed to make only ONE presentation. However, subject to this condition, participants may be named as an author on more than one paper or abstract. No paper will be accepted unless at least one author is registered for the conference.


Conference Publications

There will be two conference publications:

  • The proceedings in a special issue of the International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology (iJMEST). Submissions now closed.

Please contact Mike Thomas [email protected] if you have any queries

  • DELTA Communications

This will include peer-reviewed reports of teaching experiments/experiences and research papers, and the abstracts of all conference presentations. Please submit papers to [email protected].using the iJMEST paper template

Participants may choose to send only an abstract, with a maximum of 500 words (no more than one page, using the template provided here.)

The deadline for submission of final papers for the Communication is 21st August 2011.

Authors should submit two copies of their papers, which should be between 8 and 10 pages in length when single spaced, and a maximum of 5000 words. These copies should include:

  • One fully blinded copy with all references to the authors and their institutions removed (in the body of the paper as well).
  • One copy with all details of all authors. 

Participants should submit original abstracts for oral and/or poster presentations by 31st August 2011. Please use the template provided here for abstracts for oral and/or poster presentations.


Important Dates

  • Submissions of papers for iJMEST: 30th May 2011 (Closed)
  • Submissions of papers for the Communications: 21st August 2011
  • Submission of abstracts for short presentations: 31st August 2011


Guidelines for submission

Authors are requested to conform to the following guidelines for submission of papers and abstracts. Papers and abstracts must be submitted in English. No paper will be published unless at least one author is registered for the conference. We strongly encourage submitting authors to register via the online registration system simultaneously with the submission.

Papers should be submitted in Word or Latex. No other format will be accepted. Please follow the general guidelines for layout and style of papers found at This site also has both Latex and Word templates for papers. Please use these templates even if you are submitting for the proceedings or sending just an abstract.

All papers and abstracts will be reviewed and may be selected for publication (as above), for oral or poster presentation, or may be rejected. The time allotted for each oral presentation will depend on the session to which the abstract is allocated. English will be the language for all oral and poster presentations. Please use the template provided here for abstracts for oral and/or poster presentations.

Detailed programme information, guidelines and recommendations for written paper, oral and poster presentations, as well as time allotment, date, hour, and venue, will be sent in due time to duly registered authors.


Submission Procedure

  • iJMEST papers may be submitted electronically using the web site until the deadline of May 30th 2011. When you are prompted for the title of the Special Issue use ‘Volcanic Delta 2011: The 8th Delta Conference on the Teaching and Learning of Undergraduate Maths’

  • Abstracts and Communications papers should be sent by direct e­mail to [email protected] until the relevant deadline of August 21st or August 31st, 2011.

  • Teacher's Day (Monday 28 November 2011) Presentations: click here for requirements and submission guidelines.

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